September 2010-December 2017

It is with overwhelming despair, I tell you of the passing of "Big" Abby. Two weeks ago, she was her happy, active, loving dog looking forward to the winter snow she enjoyed so much. In exactly two weeks, cancer struck her down with blinding speed as it does with far too many Bernese Mountain Dogs.

Abby was a part of our life for less than two years but what she gave us can't be described. She was loving, gentle, and a friend to every person at Tanamakoon. Think of all the great ways to describe Abby. It is still not enough.

Abby loved Camp, chasing squirrels (she never caught one!!), running across the playing field for our daily walks with Isabel and Casson or pushing her head through your legs so you could scratch her back. We all remember her lying on the court at morning assembly so that ten Chicks and Ojibs could pat her at the same time.

Abby was only at camp for two summers and we are all cheated now that she is gone. All of us who knew her, please say some silent words of thanks for her life. My Abby is gone, and she leaves me far too soon. Thank you Abby-you were my dog and you made me feel like I was your person.

I will see you on the other side one day and we will head across the playing field and down the path with Casson and Isabel again.

- Kim
December 12, 2017


Hi Campers!

We hope that you are having a wonderful winter season! Camp is not that far off and we are starting to get very excited about the upcoming season. Our staff is coming along, our school programs are booked and many of our sessions are starting to fill for summer! If you are still waiting to register-please go online and do it today! There is VERY LIMITED space left and several sessions are now closed!

Hopefully your family has received our latest December constant contact for Parents via email! If you have not then please check your junk email as it may have been filtered out. If you still cannot find it please email us at and we will resend it. It's a great printed piece that will help us keep you up to date with important information so please make sure you are receiving it.

Your next email is an important one as it contains time sensitive information on the luncheon and uniforms and how to order. If you wish to purchase our uniforms then it must be done through our on line store. Here is the link to the store which will open online very soon!

PLEASE note that uniforms are color symbolic, so campers can wear any green shorts or sweats and t-shirts are a beige or ivory or natural colour. (see below for what we recommend). If you wish to pick up your orders at the Luncheon, then you must have ordered on line with the store by their set deadline date.

If you are NOT attending the Luncheon or you do not order before the deadline then all Canadian orders will be mailed to your homes. Out of country orders can be shipped to camp for your convenience. Please note the deadline for ordering from the store. These deadlines are strict so please make note and order early!

The Spring Luncheon information will be sent by email early in the hew year. Tickets are ordered on line using a credit card. You will also have the option to download the form and send a cheque if you wish. The Luncheon location is at PARKVIEW MANOR at Don Mills and Eglinton. The date is set for

Sunday April 15th at noon. (See below for more details on the LUNCHEON)

Thank you to those of you that have referred new campers to Tan! We all know that Tanamakoon is the best summer camp for girls but some people may not know that! YOU are definitely the best ambassadors since you know firsthand how much fun a summer in Algonquin can be! How can YOU help? Just refer new campers to our website or pass on our contact information. There is a listing of what space is available under the session update tab on our home page.

We think of you all often and hope that you are keeping Tan close to your hearts! : )

We send you our love and TanamaHugs as always!

Be sure to join our Facebook page (Camp Tanamakoon), our You Tube channel (Camp Tanamakoon), Twitter and Instagram. That way you will have access all winter to those great camp memories from 2017!


At Tanamakoon girls look forward to putting on their green shorts and tan t-shirts! Wearing a camp uniform connects the girls to many special things - history, traditions, and a summer of fun and friendship that lies ahead of them. Uniforms create a sense of community, keep the focus on camp and they let kids just be kids! We love that our camp uniform helps create a positive atmosphere at Tanamakoon ... we love that it's easy to wear!

Campers wear uniform colours during the day. They wear ANY green shorts and ANY ivory/tan coloured t-shirt. You may purchase these wherever you like.

We suggest the following for campers in the way of uniform colours
Kindercamp- no uniform
Minicamp - 2 beige or ivory t-shirts and 2 green shorts
2 week campers - 3 beige/ or ivory t-shirts, 1 long sleeve tan/ivory/beige and 2 or 3 green shorts, 1 green sweats and 1 green sweatshirt
One-month campers - 4 beige or ivory t-shirts, 1 long sleeve tan/ivory/beige and 3 green shorts, 1 green sweats and 1 green sweatshirt

Should you wish to purchase the official uniform items then head to the Tanamakoon Online Store!


All campers, kindercampers, CITs and staff are invited to attend!

When you arrive look for your name-tag on the tables. If you are a returning camper you are welcome to go in and find a seat. There will be tables marked July or August. Chat with friends and be sure to go and take a look at the uniforms on display. New Campers should pick up their name-tag and then a staff member will show you to the NEW CAMPER booth. Members of the Alumni and current staff will be on hand to chat with you and answer your questions. Kindercampers should pick up their tags and then a staff member will take you to a Kindercamp area where staff can show you pictures and talk about all the fun you are going to have with us! There will also be a crafts area for you to visit during the lunch period (after you eat). : )

During lunch staff will be around to meet you at your tables. They will bring you your Bulletin (if you live in Ontario). After lunch there will be some short announcements and then we'll see a slide show. We ask that you stay seated until the slide show is over (approx 25 minutes). It is disruptive to have kids walking out part way through so find a comfy seat! : )

Following lunch-you can pick up any uniforms that were ordered before the due date!

The Luncheon will be over at 2:45

Directions to the Luncheon
PARKVIEW MANOR-55 Barber Greene Rd
On Don Mills coming south from Lawrence
- Turn right on to Barber Greene Rd

On Don Mills coming north from Eglinton
- Turn left on to Barber Greene Rd
55 BARBER GREENE RD is on the left. Be sure to join our Facebook page (Camp Tanamakoon), our You Tube channel (Camp Tanamakoon) and Twitter. That way you will have access all winter to those great camp memories from 2017!


This past summer Tanamakoon campers were once again involved in a program called The Summer Camp Bondar Challenge! It was an exciting program and we will be running it again this summer. Here are the objectives of the program:

1. To help campers develop a lifelong affinity for both the joy of photography and the love of nature
2. To provide an environmental and artistic learning opportunity for camp leaders
3. To help campers use the camera to 'see' the environment around them with a discerning eye and mind
4. To teach campers how to use cameras as an effective means of capturing images and concepts
5. To help campers articulate their feelings about what they see and express those feelings clearly
6. To help campers understand the science contained within the art of the photograph

You can read lots more about it by clicking HERE:

The photos will be categorized by level of photographic experience and reflect the degree of difficulty in completing one of the four Bondar Challenges categories. The following Tanamakoon campers placed as winners of the Bondar Challenge program held at summer camps across Canada. These images are featured in the Foundation's Travelling Exhibition and Learning Experience in selected venues in Canada and internationally!

The winners for the camps have not been posted yet but we will update you if Tanamakoon places in any category : )

PHOTO CD'S (July, August and Kindercamp) have been mailed out to those of you that ordered them at camp! If you did not order one but would like to-please call the office and we will process an order for you! Please note that the photos on the CD are DIFFERENT from the ones that appear on the website galleries in November-nor are they the same as the Spring Luncheon Slide Show! We take over 5,000 photos a year so there is much to share!


We invite you to "like us" on Facebook and Twitter! Did you know that Tanamakoon also has a You Tube Channel?! All of our videos taken since 2011 are posted there. Subscribe to the channel and get alerts so you don't miss a new posting! Just copy and paste this link into your browser.


All Tanamakoon families receive our email communication through Constant Contact. We are very aware that many people are inundated with email so we do keep it to a minimum and tell you only what you need to know on those emails.

If at any time you wish to withdraw from it, just click on the unsubscribe button! If you did not receive one yet this fall please check your junk mail. If it's not there-please let us know by emailing reply@tanamakoon.comm and we will make sure you are added and get a copy!
You can always subscribe by going to the bottom of the NEWS and you will see an old issue of constant contact there with the subscribe button.

Tax Receipts for 2017 will be emailed to you early in the new year. Please keep these tax receipts in safe keeping on your computer for access when you are filing your tax returns.



There are a number of items that are available for Tan families to purchase! Call us at the office and we can give you more details and pricing on the items listed!

You will have noticed an icon on our homepage that refers to Tanamakoon being Bullfrogpowered! Read on and find out why Tanamakoon is helping to lead the way environmentally in today's world! You'll be hearing and seeing lots more this summer about our newest environmental actions and programs! Stay tuned for more updates!

"We believe in fostering a sense of responsibility for our natural heritage among our campers, and that means we need to model that in our own day-to-day activities. Our decision to support clean, renewable power by becoming a bullfrogpowered organization aligns with our overall commitment to operating in an environmentally responsible manner." - Kim Smith

Now entering its 87th season of operation, Camp Tanamakoon is a renowned summer camp for girls. Located on its own lake in Algonquin Park and accessible only by water, the camp has welcomed four generations of girls from all over the world to share adventures and build lifelong memories. In addition to its popular summer program, Camp Tanamakoon also operates an Outdoor Ed Program in the spring and fall for grade seven and eight students, as well as a seniors program, a Kindercamp for four to six year olds, and an in-depth art instruction program. Over the course of the summer, more than 1100 school children, 750 summer campers, 50 Seniors, 120 kindercampers and 20 artists visit the camp.

Camp Tanamakoon demonstrates a strong commitment to the environment and to educating campers on protecting and promoting environmental stewardship. The camp has implemented state-of-the art environmental practices including installing waterless, pollution-free composting toilets and an on-site sewage treatment system, constructing a solar-powered building, and using solar thermal systems to preheat the water at the camp shower house and its new commercial kitchen.

Sarah Vingoe Reflects on the Benefit of All-Girl Summer Camps
Thank you Camp Tanamakoon!

At the young age of 6 my mother and father sent me to camp for 2 weeks. They packed me up and shipped me off. It was scary and exhilarating all at the same time. In the end, Camp Tanamakoon was one of the very best gifts they ever gave me.

I was a very clingy kid. I would not leave my mothers side. I would hang off of her like an ornament. I could only imagine the annoyance and grief this caused my poor fun mom. She tried everything to curt tail the cling that was little ole moi. She would accompany me to play dates and then try to tip toe off once she knew I was knee deep in funÉshe would slowly and slyly try and sneak her way out the door but I was too smart and coy for that. I always caught her and would run to her side and ask "mommy, where are you going?" She would smile and simply say "Dolly you are having such fun, I thought I would leave you to it... "Before the words could even escape her mouth I would announce, "I am coming with you". This little game went on for quite sometime or at least until I attended camp.

I remember my very first camp departure day like it was yesterday. I wore a cute and well-pressed camp uniform. (Camp Tanamakoon is a traditional all girls camp where both campers and counselors wear uniforms daily) I was decked out in a beige polo shirt with hunter green sweat pants and sweatshirt. I was a ball full of nerves but stood bravely in the Yorkdale Parking lot with my Dad, waiting for the bus to arrive to take me far far away to the unknown. My mom could not come for obvious reasons to me now but not at the time. If she had come I never would have ever gotten on that bus. The excuse that day was she had to tend to my little brother.

When the bus arrived I gave my Daddyo a big hug and hopped on. I remember looking out the window watching my Dad wave at me feverishly and crying my little green eyes out. Camp. I did not want to go to camp. My little brain was spinning in circles in my head. "WAIT!" I yelled, the counselor upfront looked at me and said "what is it?" "I forgot my sleeping bag". This began quite the little distracting adventure. The counselor came and grabbed me and took me off the bus where my Dad ran up with concern written all over his forehead. "What is it?" he asked. "I do not have a sleeping bag!!" I shouted with fear. His concerned forehead relaxed and he lifted me up and said "Of course you do. Your mother would never send you away to camp without a sleeping bag." He hugged me tight. I sobbed hard. Back on the bus the counselor and I went, and off the bus went to Camp Tanamakoon.

I am not sure my parents knew how special and important camp would become to me. Camp Tanamakoon changed me. It helped make me, me. At the end of that first summer I got off that bus a different little girl. Not only did I come home a little dirtier then when I first left, I came home with new friends, new memories, new strengths and a new confidence. I was no longer clingy. Obviously I did not know it then but I most definitely know it now, I found a second family.

The word "Tanamakoon" is a Native American word meaning "Hail fellow, well met", an appropriate name for a camp that creates long lasting friendships. Mary G. Hamilton, principal of Margaret Eaton School in Toronto, started Tanamakoon in 1925. Miss Hamilton chose the site where the camp stands on the shore of a sheltered bay of Tanamakoon Lake, then known as White's Lake in Beautiful Algonquin Park. Everything about Tanamakoon makes my heart smile. I can close my eyes and be there in an instant. Tanamakoon is what I would term heaven on earth.

I attended camp Tanamakoon for thirteen glorious summers of my life. I started as one of the youngest kids at camp and by the time I left I had been on staff for three summers and my last summer I was co-head of swimming, led a trip to Temagami in a war canoe for seven days and was honoured to be cabin A's (the oldest campers in camps) counselor.

At Tan, I learned many skills and lessons. Such skills included: canoeing, kayaking, archery, woodcraft, sailing and more. I learned leadership skills, team building skills, the importance of morals and values. But the most important thing I learned at Tan was the value and importance of a true friend. The friends I met at Tan are quite frankly the truest of true blue, life long friends. They are the type of friends whom love and support you no matter what. They are also the type of friends whom you do not need to speak to daily but you can go days, weeks, months...even years, and pick up right where you left off! These friends are magical. They are what you deem truly beautiful inside and out.

Last week I was reminded of how special and important my Camp Tanamakoon family is. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to attend camp and to have Tanamakoon as part of my life. Not only am I the farthest thing from shy but also I am so lucky to be part of this unique family. Tan taught me so many important lessons and values I still carry with me today. May this beautiful place remain forever and continue to bring other little girls what it brought me.

The Tanamakoon family is one that continues to grow year after year. It's funny and wonderous how Tan provides a common bond among any girl, young lady or women who has shared in its magic. With many years passed since I last attended camp I still meet and greet girls who shared the magic that is Tanamakoon. Some are individuals I have known from days past, some I am only meeting for the very first time. But as with all first impressions it is amazing to discover that a new found friend, colleague or associate went to Tan. You immediately share a common bond, an understanding and respect for one another.

Thank you Tanamakoon for everything you are and everything you have given me.

"There is nothing quite as special as a friend of summer days, learning from each other in so many different ways...We are growing towards tomorrow, our past will keep us strong...The memories of Tanamakoon live on."


At Tanamakoon girls ages 4 - 6 can have their first overnight camp experience for 3 days in early or late summer.

Outdoor Ed

The Tanamakoon Outdoor Centre has operated for 27 years, for co-ed school groups mid May to mid June and the last two weeks of September.

Adult Programs

Spend quality time in Algonquin Park with opportunities to share a variety of experiences with like minded, interesting people from fifty five years onward.