A Message to Parents
The Smiths As Owners and Directors of Camp Tanamakoon for over 25 years, we have the unique satisfaction of helping to create some of the happiest times in the lives of thousands of our Tanamakoon campers. We have provided a safe nurturing experience for young and first time campers and at the same time our commitment to our traditions and environmental ethics have help mold attitudes and values of all campers, young and old alike.

Our camp is large enough to provide quality and diverse programs without losing our ability to make each camper feel loved and needed. The experience of living and playing in small groups allows each camper to feel at home and an important member of our Tanamakoon family.

We are proud that the vast majority of our counselors are former campers. They each have a strong love and respect for our Camp and its philosophy and traditions. Once your daughter has become part of Tanamakoon, she will want to return year after year.

All of us at Camp Tanamakoon are dedicated to maintaining its high standards and preserving its traditions. We invite your daughter to join us in Algonquin Park. It is sure to be a lifelong love for her and one of the greatest gifts a parent could give their daughter.

Kim & Marilyn Smith

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The Program
The program at Tanamakoon is designed to provide fun and at the same time enhance the development of each individual child. Daily activities for younger campers are carefully scheduled to ensure they attain basic camping skills.

The program for older campers allows for individual choice. The teaching of all activities is skillfully planned by competent instructors to meet the age, ability and interest of each camper. Campers return year after year to participate in a program filled with excitement, adventure and fun.

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Activities include swimming, canoeing, kayaking, sailing and wind sports. The separate waterfront areas for each activity are safely contained in a sheltered bay and are supervised from our swim dock's tower.

The canvas-covered dock has diving boards of various heights. There are two enclosed pools of shallow water for beginners. A three-fold safety system of pegboard, buddies and check-in is rigorously enforced whenever children go swimming. Swimming instruction includes classes in Lifesaving, Red Cross, synchro, diving and racing.

Campers are encouraged to achieve camp levels which have been established for every waterfront activity. Recreational time for use of the equipment is also provided daily.

Regular activities include environmental studies, woodcraft, racquet sports, archery, fitness, low ropes course, climbing wall, mountain biking and miniature horse care. Campers may choose to work on camp levels or simply learn by participating in the activity. All campers are encouraged to develop skills in every facet of camp life.

Camp Tanamakoon has a strong tradition of proving quality canoe trips for all campers. A canoe trip is like no other camp experience. If you ask any camper or former camper about their greatest camp memories, it will always include their canoe trips.

Fifteen years ago, we began to offer longer canoe trips for those campers who were looking for a greater adventure in the wilderness. We now offer both a two week and a 4 week program for campers who are tripping enthusiasts.

Tanamakoon offers 4 sessions of Minicamp. The program is designed to help girls transition from our Kindercamp program of three days to two weeks. Minicampers are presently in Grade 1 or 2. The Minicamp program is six days (5 nights). Campers will live in cabins with 6-8 other Minicampers and 3-4 staff. The daily program offers a variety of camp activities and runs simultaneously alongside our summer camp. Each year Kindercampers have first priority until November 15th for the coming season. The remaining places fill up quickly with campers of the same age/grade that would not have previously attended Tanamakoon . Have your daughter join us and discover how Tanamakoon can be her first safe, fun filled experience away from home. Minicamp will give your daughter a start toward years filled with fun, adventure, memories and lifelong friendships at Tanamakoon.

The Two Week Program
Two week trips are offered in both the months of July and August. Our trips not only travel throughout Algonquin Park, but also go to other popular tripping regions such as Temagami, Kilarney Park, The French River and Kipawa, Quebec. The trips are open to existing campers as well as new campers who are at least 14 years old. The trips are led by our most experienced guides and counselors. While previous canoe tripping experience would be an asset, it is not a requirement.

Our Four Week Program
A once in a lifetime month for campers who want to have the ultimate canoe trip experience. Our program includes pre-trip white water training and all transportation to and from our camp. Some of our trips have traveled from Lake Superior to James Bay on the Missinaibi, from Northern Temagami back to Camp in Algonquin Park and through the Spanish River District of Northern Ontario.

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Theatre Arts
The Theatre Program at Tanamakoon is an integral part of the program. Campers have the opportunity to audition for weekly plays within their own age group. At the end of each month the one campers also have the opportunity to be part of a major musical or dramatic production. All productions are preformed at our unique outdoor theatre which was designed by Canadian actress Dora Mavor Moore and built during the Second World War. Whether on stage or in the audience, the Tanamakoon Theatre is a special place for all campers and staff.

Arts & Crafts
Many opportunities exist for the expression of creative talents. Crafts, lapidary, sketching, paddle making, pottery, woodworking, music and theatre arts are part of the daily program. Music and theatre nights are two important events which take place weekly.

Tanamakoon campers have also presented major productions for the public at The Pog Lake Outdoor Theatre in Algonquin Park and the Algonquin Theatre in Huntsville.


At Tanamakoon girls ages 4 - 6 can have their first overnight camp experience for 3 days in early or late summer.

Outdoor Ed

The Tanamakoon Outdoor Centre has operated for 27 years, for co-ed school groups mid May to mid June and the last two weeks of September.

Adult Programs

Spend quality time in Algonquin Park with opportunities to share a variety of experiences with like minded, interesting people from fifty five years onward.