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(July) Fri July 1-Thurs July 28
(August) Mon Aug 1-Sunday August 28
(July 1 ½) Fri July 1-Thurs July 14
(July 2 ½) Thurs July 14-Thurs July 28
(August 1 ½) Mon Aug 1-Mon Aug 15
(August 2 ½) Mon Aug 15-Sun Aug 28

Campers must be finishing grade 1 or grade 2. If you are finishing grade 1 you may stay in Kindercamp for one more year. Mini campers only come to camp once in the minicamp program.

MINI CAMP A - Fri July 1-Wed July 6
MINI CAMP B - Sat July 9-Thurs July 14
MINI CAMP C - Mon Aug 1-Sat Aug 6
MINI CAMP D - Wed Aug 10-Mon Aug 15

EXTENDED CANOE TRIPS (grade 8 and up)
4 week Canoe Trip -Thurs July 14-Mon Aug 15
2 Week Canoe Trip - Thurs July 14—Thurs July 28 / Mon Aug 1-Mon Aug 15

(girls age 4-6 years –nursery school to the end of gr. 1).
Please note: if your daughter is presently in Grade one and is 7 years old then she still qualifies for Kindercamp this year.

Friday June 17 - Sunday June 19
Wednesday August 31- Friday September 2






















At Tanamakoon girls ages 4 - 6 can have their first overnight camp experience for 3 days in early or late summer.

Outdoor Ed

The Tanamakoon Outdoor Centre has operated for 27 years, for co-ed school groups mid May to mid June and the last two weeks of September.

Adult Programs

Spend quality time in Algonquin Park with opportunities to share a variety of experiences with like minded, interesting people from fifty five years onward.